Sei Network is not going to stop

November news was not the most favorable for the cryptocurrency market. The collapse of the well-known FTX exchange, the debt obligations of Genesis and hacker attacks on blockchains have success off and the market has plunged even more. Of course, all this cannot go unnoticed for new blockchain projects that are under active development.

I already told you about a project called Sei Network. Today I want to show what goals the developers and the community managed to achieve in a fairly short time. And despite the difficult times, the project is developing at a good pace.

New partners and collaborations

  • Kargo: the first Layer 1.5 building on Sei. Kargo is building the first Layer 1.5 on Sei. Its base layer contracts will serve as modular infrastructure unlocking prediction markets globally. This partnership enables strong teams with local context to develop independent prediction markets using Kargo middleware. /@GetKargo
  • Nitro SVM: is the first Layer 2 scaling solution for Solana, serving as the gateway between Solana and Cosmos. /@Nitro_Labs
  • Leap: the crypto wallet for Cosmos. Leap Cosmos Wallet – natively support for 26+ chains. /@leap_cosmos
  • Paddle: a Move Virtual Machine (MVM) rollup for Cosmos. Paddle will provide a sandbox environment for the deployment of smart contracts written in Move. This unlocks all of Move’s benefits on a sovereign, public rollup, interoperable with IBC chains. /@PaddleMVM
  • Andromeda Protocol: the first on-chain operating system connecting various protocols and services across the Cosmos. /@AndromedaProt
  • CelerNetwork: building inter-blockchain and cross-layer communication platform. Celer is a blockchain interoperability protocol enabling a one-click user experience accessing tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, governance, and more across web3. /@CelerNetwork
  • Graviton: an intensive 16-week web3 accelerator program built for early-stage Indian startups in collaboration with global web3 brands. /@JoinGraviton
  • Band Protocol: secure, scalable cross-chain decentralized oracle. Band’s flagship oracle solution aggregates and connects data and APIs to smart contracts, enabling DeFi applications to be built on-chain. /@BandProtocol
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Events and news

The first ever Sei NFT

The developers are doing their best to make Sei fast and safe. At the same time, community development work continues. The Sei community on twitter is almost 100,000.

If you would like to participate in the growth of Sei, I invite you to learn more about the Atlantis international growth program. Check the seicommunity website. I can confidently say that the Sei community is the most friendly blockchain community I have ever heard of.

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3 months ago

Awesome project. It the future Blockchain in the crypto world..

3 months ago

nice bro thx

3 months ago

I will follow

3 months ago

Hey where can i buy sei token? I don’t find

Eric SEI
Eric SEI
3 months ago

It’s a total rip-off, crooks, SCAM
Hamsters are being tricked, morons are sitting there tweeting.
hoping for a virtual penny.

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