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Sei Network – technologies, advantages, differences

So today I want to talk about the Sei Network. I already wrote about this project in a previous article, where I talked about the initial investments that the Sei team managed to collect at the initial stage.

Today, the Sei Network, which was built on Cosmos, is a rapidly evolving Layer 1 solution. Is the fastest chain to finality in existence, perfect for DeFi. I think the project is very promising, and therefore I follow it. Reliability, security and, most importantly, the highest throughput that Sei developers were able to achieve – today I consider this a huge plus. Applications that were created on the basis of Sei have significant advantages, namely:

  • decentralized analytics service
  • high liquidity
  • flexible work opportunities in transactions

How smart contracts work in the Sei Тetwork

Sei Network Smart Contracts

To simplify the development process, Sei Network decided to use the wasmd module. To create decentralized applications, developers use the stable CosmWasm library based on Rust, which has no bugs. Security guarantees are much higher than when using Solidity – this is one of the main differences between Sei and Solana.


Large volumes of liquidity have been obtained through working with market makers. To attract market makers, Sei offers the lowest possible transaction fees. The end result is an order book based trading method that is completely decentralized.

One of Sei’s core improvements over competing L1s is its speed. Sei currently offers the fastest Time To Finality (TTF) in Web3, sitting at approximately 600ms.

Sei has partnered with Axelar Network to leverage its cross-chain messaging technology. This has enabled Sei to not only bridge assets to and from both IBC and EVM chain, but also to utilize smart contract functionality and logic from all of Axelar’s partners. This allows Sei to interact with users and liquidity from “foreign” chains, greatly expanding the total addressable market for protocols building on Sei. /

In terms of investment, I believe that projects based on Sei Network have a great future. And I recommend keeping an eye on some of them.

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Sei Network official website

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