Aleo blockchain

Aleo could become the new crypto gold

There’s a chance that cryptocurrency miners have found a new type of coin to mine. Aleo is a new cryptocurrency that is currently in its third stage of testnet, but reportedly very close to launching its mainnet and has caught the attention of cryptocurrency miners.

According to a recent tweet from Aleo’s official account, the coin is currently being mined by up to 14,000 nodes, and 20 million proofs are being processed per second, which is a thousand times better than in the second stage of the testnet. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, Aleo relies not only on the best graphics cards. You can mine Aleo on a CPU because part of the algorithm depends on the processor’s performance, so it plays a role in the mining process. Thus, miners will have to find the best combination of processor and graphics card.

The Aleo GitHub page shows that the minimum recommendation for mining Aleo consists of a 16-core processor, 16GB of memory, 128GB of disk space, and a network connection with a download and upload speed of 10 Mbps. Developers recommend a 32-core processor and 32GB of memory, but do not mention what matters more, clock speeds or the total number of cores. If it’s the latter, there’s no need to choose one of the best processors on the market. However, the site emphasizes that competitive miners will likely need more power than the recommended equipment.

Since Aleo is still in the network testing stage, the optimal combination of processor and graphics card remains a mystery. However, according to some information, the most popular current configuration in the mining community consists of discontinued Intel Xeon E5 processors and the latest generation Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards.

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When it comes to the processor, old Intel Xeon E5 chips make sense because they are sold at low prices on the used equipment market. As a result, this is an excellent way for miners to cheaply gain access to more cores (up to 18). It is also worth mentioning that Xeon E5 processors are scalable, allowing miners to create 2S configurations.

The most popular cryptocurrencies primarily rely on the power of the graphics card, and miners often use very cheap processor options, such as Celeron or Pentium, for their mining equipment. While the graphics card is still vital for Aleo, the number of CPU cores seems to be very helpful, so this could be a key factor that will make new miners switch to the Aleo coin.

What we know about the Aleo project:

Aleo is a new blockchain based on the Zcash protocol and utilizing zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARKs) to ensure transaction confidentiality.

Aleo was launched in early 2021 and offers an innovative approach to solving blockchain-related privacy issues. It allows users to create confidential smart contracts that can be executed in secret without disclosing the participants’ data.

One of the main advantages of Aleo is the ability to create decentralized applications with data privacy in mind, making it attractive to developers. Additionally, Aleo has open-source code and is actively being developed by the developer community, which could contribute to its further development and adoption as one of the main blockchain platforms.