Apple canceled the announcement of a new gadget at the last minute before the presentation

Apple wanted to release a cheap Pencil for the iPhone 14.

In September, Apple planned to show a budget stylus, but scrapped the idea at the last minute. This is reported by an insider.

According to the source, Apple was developing a new Apple Pencil, codenamed Marker, which it planned to announce during the September presentation. The accessory was planned to sell for about $49, which would have made the stylus significantly cheaper than the Apple Pencil 2 and even the first generation Pencil.

However, the device could differ significantly from more expensive Apple styluses. For example, the Marker would be without a battery and would not be able to determine the force of pressing.

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Another feature of Marker could be compatibility with the iPhone. At the same time, the Apple Pencil of the first and second generations only work with the company’s tablets, for which Apple has repeatedly been criticized by fans.

The reasons for the refusal of the device are not called. We only know that it was adopted at the last minute before the presentation. Perhaps Apple was not ready for the Marker’s internal competition with the more expensive Pencil.

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