Futures for WTI oil rose in price during the Asian session

Quotes of futures for WTI oil rose during the Asian session on Friday.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, WTI oil futures for October delivery traded at $85.31 a barrel, up 0.25% as of this writing.

The maximum of the session was the mark of dollars per barrel. At the time of writing, WTI has found support at $84.41 and resistance at $90.19.

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Futures on the USD index, which shows the ratio of the US dollar against a basket of six major currencies, fell by 0.02% to trade at $109.47.

In other ICE-traded commodities, Brent crude for November delivery rose 0.34% to $91.15 a barrel, with a spread of 5.84 between Brent crude and WTI crude. dollars per barrel.

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