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Tesla has lowered prices on its electric cars again

Tesla has lowered the prices of its electric cars in the US once again, doubling the discount due to the weakening economy, according to Reuters. Discounts range from 1.9% on the Model 3 to 5.6% on the Model S. The company provided discounts on its electric cars following several comments by CEO Elon Musk in recent months that Tesla would lower prices to stimulate demand after a series of global discounts introduced in January.

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The base version of the Model S has been lowered by 5.6% to $84,990, while the price of the Plaid version has been lowered by 4.5% to $104,990. The prices for both the performance and base versions of the Model 3 have been lowered by $1,000. The price of the base version of the Model 3 has been lowered by 2.3% to $41,990, while its performance version has been lowered by 1.9% to $52,990.