The rates of the main cryptocurrencies are declining, the shares of companies related to them are getting cheaper

All major cryptocurrencies are depreciating during trading, as are the shares of representatives of this industry.

Ripple fell most significantly – by 4.1%, Uniswap – 4.6% and Dogecoin – by 2.9%. The cost of Polkadot, Bitcoin Cash and Cardano decreased less significantly – by about 2%.

The rate of ether fell by 1.2%, bitcoin – by 1.3%.

In addition, stock prices of companies associated with cryptocurrencies are declining. Thus, Coinbase Global (SPB: NASDAQ:COIN) has lost 1.4% since the start of trading on Monday, MicroStrategy Inc. (SPB: MSTR) – 0.3%, Riot Blockchain Inc. – 5.2%, Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. – 7.6%.

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In addition, the shares of chip manufacturers Nvidia Corp are getting cheaper. (SPB: NASDAQ:NVDA) by 4.8% and Advanced Micro Devices (SPB: NASDAQ:AMD) by 3%.

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