Within just a month, Manta Wallet has become one of the best extensions for mobile browsers

The NFT Private Offering (NPO) platform serves as a launching pad for NFT and SBT, allowing users to privately deploy zkNFT/zkSBT without requiring technical or cryptographic knowledge. By utilizing zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), users can securely and confidentially create NFT and SBT, safeguarding the privacy of their cryptocurrency assets. This platform ensures that only the transaction validity is revealed, without disclosing any additional user information.

Since the official launch of the NPO platform, over 100,000 users have been able to utilize it. Over 50,000 #zkBAB have been minted. Furthermore, the Manta Wallet browser extension has ranked in the top 5 according to Mises.

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Crypto enthusiasts have high hopes for the development of Manta Network, believing that this blockchain product can take a leading position among blockchains that support user privacy.

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