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Alphabet and Coca-Cola earnings

The US stock market rebounded on Monday, adding gains from last week as investors brace for a wave of Big Tech reports.

Investors have been encouraged by a resumption of risky trades such as growth stocks after signs that at least some US Federal Reserve officials are seeing a slowdown in interest rate hikes since the November meeting for fear of acting too harshly. The Fed has raised its benchmark rate sharply since the spring and is expected to raise it again by 0.75 percentage points next week and then possibly move to a slower increase starting in December.

The global economic slowdown is having a negative impact on everything from stocks to oil prices. China’s stock market tumbled on Monday after Xi Jinping secured his third term in office, putting pressure on a number of US companies that do business there.

Beginning on Tuesday, investors will look at earnings reports and forecasts from Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and other big tech companies. Later this week, US consumer confidence and inflation data will be released, closely watched by the Fed ahead of a two-day monetary policy meeting starting next Tuesday.

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3 factors that can affect the market on Tuesday:

Alphabet Income

Google parent company Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is expected to report $1.28 per share earnings on $71.3 billion in revenue. Analysts will be listening to what it has to say about digital advertising after Snap (NYSE: SNAP predicted a weak fourth quarter.

Profits Coca-Cola

Beverage giant Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) is expected to report earnings per share of 64 cents on $10.5 billion in revenue, but analysts will be listening to what it reveals on costs, margins and consumer preferences .

UPS revenue

Logistics giant United Parcel Service Inc (NYSE:UPS) is expected to report earnings of $2.86 per share on revenue of $24.4 billion. Analysts will be watching to see what it reveals about shipping volumes and holiday prices.

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